Robinhood Internship 2024 Careers

Robinhood Internship 2024 Careers

Robinhood is a unique company that offers its employees the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. From customer support to product development, there are a number of different teams that students can intern with. No matter what your major or area of interest is, there is sure to be a place for you at Robinhood.

In addition to working on interesting projects, Robinhood interns also get to enjoy a number of perks. These include free lunches, snacks, and coffee, as well as a stipend to help cover the cost of living in San Francisco. Interns also have the opportunity to network with Robinhood employees and learn about the different aspects of the company.

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About Robinhood

Robinhood is a financial services company that offers a mobile app-based brokerage platform. The company was founded in 2013 by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, two former Stanford University students. Robinhood’s mission is to make financial services more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Robinhood makes money by charging customers a small commission on each trade. The company also sells order flow to market makers, which generates income for Robinhood. In addition, Robinhood has a premium subscription service called Robinhood Gold, which offers advanced features and research tools for a monthly fee.


  • Company Name: Robinhood
  • Location: Menlo Park, California, United States
  • Education Required: Minimum Secondary
  • Industry: Finance


The Robinhood internship program is designed to give students an immersive experience in the financial technology industry. Through the program, interns will gain exposure to a variety of topics, including product development, marketing, and customer support. Interns will also have the opportunity to work with a mentor and network with other professionals in the industry.

The internship program is a great way to launch your career in financial technology. By participating in the program, you will gain the skills and experience you need to Succeed in this rapidly growing industry.

How To Apply?

Visit the official website to apply.


Last Words

Robinhood is a unique company. They have a mission to make financial services accessible to everyone, regardless of income. They offer free stock trading and have an amazing internship program for students.

The internship program is geared towards students who are passionate about Robinhood’s mission and want to help the company grow. Interns will work closely with the Robinhood team to help improve the product and build new features. Interns will also get the opportunity to meet with other Robinhood employees and learn about the company.

The internship is a great way for students to gain valuable experience working at a high-growth startup. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. If you’re interested in learning more about Robinhood and the internship program, be sure to check out their website.

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